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After personally trying different Noni products, I think Nothing But Noni Juice is the best product that I have tried. I believe in this juice because I feel the difference myself after only using it for six months: my hair started turning black again, my vision has improved, and I have more energy and a better sex life just to mention a few improvements in my overall well being.



Sixty six years old and going strong now that I have my “Nothing But Noni Juice.”

Ten years ago I was diagnosed with severe rheumatoid arthritis. It is a crippling and debilitating disease accompanied by relentless pain and inflammation. I was put on strong medication that temporarily helped my symptoms, but it negatively affected my system in other ways.

Firmly believing in natural alternatives to “medication,” two years ago through extensive research I found Noni Juice. I take anywhere from 2-6 ounces a day depending on how I feel and am totally amazed that I can feel SO GOOD again without prescribed medications.

To live without pain and have energy to spare at my age is a true blessing that I am thankful for everyday of my life!

Thank you NOTHING BUT NONI for providing a natural remedy and making it affordable for the masses that really need an answer to their medical conditions.


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I've been suffering from colon cancer for many months now. I'm also going through aggressive chemotherapy. Before Nothing But Noni Juice I didn't have my appetite, had trouble sleeping and had bad blood markers. I also had high blood pressure.

I started using Nothing But Noni Juice 3 ounces in the morning and evening and then progressed to 4 ounces in the morning and evening. Eventually I elevated my intake to 1 glass in the morning, noon and evening.

Now my blood pressure is normal. I have my appetite back and I also sleep well.



I started using Nothing But Noni juice about a year and a half ago. In the early winter of 2001, I had been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, carpal tunnel syndrome and fibromyalgia. Needless to say, I was struggling with the thought of a decreased quality of life at the least. I suffer from IBS, so anything I ingest must be agreeable. Rheumatoid drugs were toxic to my system, so I was unable to "treat the disease aggressively", which is what my rheumatologist wanted to do.

Well, I felt very fragile and was severely depressed. Then the fibromyalgia hit. The pain was incessant and nagging. All the medications that were prescribed for me just put me to sleep. They did nothing to improve my mobility or ease my pain. In fact, they made me more depressed, took away my already flagging sex drive, and just made me sick.

Then I started to take Noni Juice. I was skeptical at first, but I felt I had nothing to lose. After three months, I started a more disciplined exercise regimen. I have come to see the benefits of diet, supplements and exercise. After four months I had more mobility in my weight bearing joints and much less pain. After a year my new rheumatologist remarked that clinically my rheumatoid was in remission. He asked what I was doing, and I told him about Noni, diet and exercise. His statement was, "Just keep on doing what you are doing". Needless to say, I did not need him to tell me that. I have continued my regimen, and every time I see that particular clinician, he is pleased with my progress. We don't even discuss rheumatoid drugs anymore.

Right now I am taking two ounces of Nothing But Noni juice per day. I have spoken to my daughters about Noni. They both have pre-schoolers who are exposed to various bacteria on a regular basis. Two of my grand children have asthma. I have recommended that they start their families on Nothing But Non Juice. I would recommend it to anyone who has an immune compromised condition AND to anyone who is healthy and wants to stay that way.



Seven months ago I had fibroids that caused heavy bleeding during my menstrual cycle, fatigue, and emotional distress. I was told by my doctor that I was going to have to have a hysterectomy to stop the bleeding and related health problems. I started with two ounces a day for the first three months and have since reduced it to one ounce a day. The bleeding is normal, the fatigue is GONE and emotionally I feel fine. It works, just be consistent with how you take it and you will see the results in a short period of time.




I am 70 years old and felt I was reasonably healthy. It did not occur to me when an old friend introduced me to Nothing But Noni juice that my health could actually improve at my age. Approximately 6 years ago I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and was put on a diabetic medication. In spite of the medication, my strict diet and taking daily blood sugar level readings, I was still plagued by fatigue and fluctuating blood sugar counts.

A friend told me about noni and diabetes. And after 1 month on Nothing But Noni juice I was able to cut my medication dosage in half and remain stable. After 2 months I was able to eliminate my diabetic medication completely while retaining blood sugar levels lower than those I had while on medication! This combined with the fact that I do not fall asleep anymore while watching daytime TV or feel totally exhausted after work, makes me realize that my health has been restored to a point I thought I had lost forever.

Here's to Nothing But Noni Juice…it actually does improve lives!



Due to a car crash on 2/1/94 I would wake up @ 7am and be tired by 9am. Now I'm fit and shining all day. My sister and a friend are also using your product with wonderful results.



In November 2004, after a South Pacific cruise, we heard about Noni Juice and high blood pressure.  I bought 2 quarts in Tahiti to bring back with me. The health issue that I was most concerned with was my high blood pressure. Nothing But Noni juice has allowed me to stabilize my blood pressure within the acceptable range. I only take 2 ounces in the morning mixed with grape juice. The proof is there, it has helped lower my blood pressure and that is all that matters to me.



In my mid 50s the bronchitis I'd suffered from as a kid began to recur.  I found out about Noni from another musician (musicians can't usually afford health insurance, so WE must stay healthy).  Since I began taking Nothing But Noni four years ago, I've had only one attack of bronchitis and no colds at all

I find that if I feel something trying to attack, a large increase in my daily dosage of Noni almost always chases it off.  I'm now a cardiac sufferer (atrial fibrillation), and am convinced that Noni will strengthen and clean up my system to ward off another incidence of this.

A close friend reports that her allergies have disappeared since she began taking Noni and that her energy level is up.  I believe it is essential to my health and well-being and will not leave home with out it.  Thanks you for making your pure noni product available, and at such a reasonable price. 

Your friend and very satisfied customer,

C.K. Listen to my Jazz CD


I started using Noni about 4 years ago. My son's girlfriend’s mother, who sold noni juice, gave me a quart. I was taking interferon injections to treat a dangerous liver disease: Hepatitis C. The injections were like taking chemotherapy in that they brought on flu like symptoms, body aches, chills and nausea. The noni calmed me down and made me feel a 100% better. At the time I was only taking about 2 ounces a day. Regrettably the injections didn't work but I kept taking the noni. When the quart ran out I panicked because the woman who gave it to me was totally out of stock. I got on the Internet and through the grace of GOD I got Frank’s(Frank Ligons, CEO of Nothing But Noni) number and he became my supplier.

I relocated from Baltimore to Cincinnati and had to find another liver specialist. When he first saw me he was very surprised by my appearance. He anticipated seeing someone in very bad shape from the Hepatitis: fatigued, run down and pale. He saw none of that with me. And I told him that I felt fine.

He asked me what medication I was taking to have me doing so well. I told him that I wasn't taking anything except Nothing But Noni Juice with any type of consistency. He was surprised to hear that I wasn't on prescription medication.

I take two ounces of Nothing But Noni Juice twice a day. I am preparing to go on the Liver Transplant list as a precaution, but to date I'm doing fine.



The real reason we, (my dog Bess and myself), started taking the Noni Juice was because of her (Bess's) liver condition. The vet thinks that when Bess was born, for whatever reason, she experienced some type of infection that was left unattended. Her liver damage was caused by this infection. After several ultra-sounds and liver tests Bess has the liver of a thirteen year old dog yet she is only nine months old.

Our vet had told us months ago that her life expectancy is probably less than six months. She has a special diet of dog food and a liver supplement that she takes everyday. But the most important part of her health regimen right now is her Noni Juice. I firmly believe that since she is taking this juice we have not had a problem with her toxic levels that certainly would kill her. She has more energy and if you didn't know she had a serious liver condition you would think she is a normal boxer puppy.

Bess and I take 1-2 ounces of our Nothing But Noni Juice everyday, faithfully. I can't say any particulars of how I feel better, but I just do. And I think I have more energy because of the Noni Juice. I have been sleeping a whole lot better as well. This juice has done wonders for Bess and myself. I highly recommend adding it to your daily list of things to do.

Go for it, you won't be sorry!



At age 62 and still working full-time as an executive secretary in a very demanding firm, I found that the daily stress really had taken a toll on my physical well-being. Around 8 pm every night following dinner I would lie on the couch and fall asleep until it was time for bed.

When an old friend introduced my husband to Nothing But Noni juice I felt that maybe it could also help me. I asked about noni and fatigue and heard good things. After several weeks I noticed that I did not fall asleep anymore until it was really time to go to bed!

Needless to say, I was thrilled with my new energy boost, but did not realize that I would soon be putting my Noni Juice through another big test: My doctor informed me that I needed to undergo an unexpected stomach operation. Luckily for me I was on my power-packed Nothing But Noni juice and literally sailed through the surgery. Now I am fully recovered and have recently joined a health club where I exercise after work 3 times a week. This is an activity I never had the energy for even in my youth.

Thanks to Nothing But Noni for enhancing my life with good health and lots of energy!



I first was told about Noni Juice in May of 2004 while on a business trip to Toronto Canada. The sales representative of the company we were visiting told me how Noni juice had helped his wife overcome crippling arthritis pain. He told me how she was bed ridden with pain and taking morphine daily to cope. A friend told them about Noni juice and with nothing to lose she tried it. Much to their amazement after six months of taking Noni juice daily she was off the morphine and had resumed working a part time job.

As I have suffered with tendonitis and arthritis for a number of years and I decided to try Noni juice. Upon returning home to Alabama I decided to buy Noni Juice online.  I continued taking a prescription medication for a month and daily took an ounce and one half of Noni juice. After my prescription ran out thirty days later I decided not to refill it and see if the Noni juice was helping my tendentious and arthritis pain. I was amazed that I had no pain.

I kept thinking that the prescription medication was still in my system and that when it wore off I would have pain. Weeks went by and no pain whatsoever! I have now been taking Noni juice from Nothing But Noni for close to a year and have been pain free. I even took up tennis last fall, a sport I had given up due to the tendentious and arthritis pain, but now am able to play with no discomfort. Noni juice from Nothing But Noni is amazing.

Due to the great success I have experienced my wife, Wanda, is now trying Noni Juice. She suffers from chronic low back pain and we are both fully expecting the Noni Juice will help her overcome it too. Many people I tell about Noni Juice are skeptical of the benefits I tell them I receive. No one could have been more of a skeptic than me but the proof is in the results. Noni Juice has been totally beneficial to me; I have no pain, take half the high blood pressure medicine I used to take and feel great. You have nothing to lose with Nothing But Noni except the pain and the high cost of prescription medications that have dangerous side effects. I encourage anyone suffering from joint pain to give it a try.



I started taking Noni Juice four years ago, and found that after a month, my body began to get goose bumps and shivers.

I had a lot of spots on my arms and face from the sun.  This year I went looking for Noni juice because I had brown spots on my arms that were itchy and little red lumps on the skin as well.  I knew Noni healed skin with direct application, because I used it before for the same purpose.  I got the Noni and directly applied it to my arms, and with just two applications the bumps decreased drastically in size, the itch stopped and the red marks disappeared.  I will continue to use it until my arms are back to normal.

I also gave Noni juice to my mother, and she had the starting of Glaucoma.  After a year she went back to the ophthalmologist, and her glaucoma had completely disappeared.

Noni Juice is a fabulous healing fruit.  You should try it!!



I started using Nothing But Noni Juice about 3 months for arthritis in my right shoulder, forearm, and the joints in both hands that used to wake me up at night and interrupt my sleep. The answer to your next question is YES, it has helped! The right shoulder pain has almost gone away, the forearm pain is completely gone and the joint pains in my hands have been reduced. Most importantly, when I got to sleep at night, I stay asleep. My regimen uses 2 ounces a day for maintenance. Just try and see if it can help…$60 is a small price to pay to improve your health naturally.

Another thing that I want to say is: I am an insurance agent, and sell a lot of health policies. Because of this I see all types of people with various health problems. It amazes me the so many are over-medicated!

When it comes to my own life I prefer to find a natural way to treat it. Because Nothing But Noni Juice is completely natural, my liver does not go into overdrive trying to cleanse my system and nothing negative goes into my medical file, which could hurt when you're trying to get health or life insurance.



2 years ago I had issues with weight, knee pain, overall well being, and blood pressure of 155/100. Nothing But Noni juice helps me manage the severe inflammation of my knee, and has lowered my BP to 140/82. I take 6-8 oz a day, ½ in the morning and half at night. My advice to you is don't go by the taste…it will certainly help you manage the most unforgiving pain plus it will give you energy during the day and help you sleep better at night. Bottom line is that it works!






I started taking Nothing But Noni juice last August.  I had originally ordered Noni juice for my husband who had lung cancer.  Unfortunately it was too late to have any effect for him.  I had read a book telling about all of the things that it would help.

I have had arthritis in my left knee for several years due to the fact that all of the cartilage had been removed.  I was told that a knee replacement was inevitable and most likely within the year.  I was taking Celebrex, getting cortisone shots and wearing a knee brace for any active activity, even cleaning my house.

The doctor in the book I read recommended taking 2 ounces before breakfast and 2 ounces before dinner the first month and 2 ounces before breakfast after that.  (Adjustments to be made accordingly to the effectiveness)

In a week and a half I began to see a large difference.  I stopped the Celebrex immediately and I have never needed the brace or another cortisone shot.  (I was getting a shot every 3 months and had a hard time waiting for the time I could get the next one.)

I live in a golf community and have told several people about what a miracle Nothing But Noni has been for me.  Several of my friends are amazed at the results they have experienced.



I was in a long-term coma and developed neuropathy in my hands and feet that is very painful. Nothing But Noni Juice has taken away a lot of the pain. My blood pressure is back to normal now too!



Nothing But Noni Juice has helped me so much! I was so weak and couldn't even take care of my house. But now my red blood cell count is rising.

I have lots of energy to take care of my house and family too. My liver test has improved. I don't get colds anymore and my blood pressure is much better. Thanks Nothing But Noni!



I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma many years ago and have been in and out of chemotherapy to treat it. One of the times I was at the therapy center another patient asked me if I had heard anything about Noni Juice.

To make a long story short I had one of my relatives look it up online and buy me some. I've been using Nothing But Noni Juice now for a little over a month and even with the chemotherapy I have much more energy. My doctor also checks me after each treatment and he said that my white blood cell count is better now and was impressed with the improvement of my energy levels.



I've been doing yoga for many years. Now I do a 'power yoga' that is extremely strenuous and leaves me totally exhausted the next day. But since I've been taking my Nothing But Noni juice I've felt a big difference. Now the day after my 'power yoga' I'm not sore at all and am bubbling with energy. This is a really great product.



I feel like I'm aging in reverse. I'm in my 60s but I can keep up with my 30 year old peers again.



At my sports bar I serve shots of Nothing But Noni Juice! I actually got off of my acid reflux medication within the first week! I feel better and so do my customers.



I use Nothing But Noni juice to strengthen my immune system to prevent my cancer from coming back. I feel better knowing that I'm using it.



About 15 weeks ago I started ordering Nothing But Noni Juice for the squamious cell cancer in our horse's right eye lid and for my wife's long and hard battle with stomach cancer. We use about 4 to 6 oz. per day. The juice has caused the cancer to fall off the eye lid and return 17 times smaller. And there has been a consistent improvement.

My wife (Robin) has experienced improved energy and a reduction in the severity of the gastro intestinal disturbances associated with cancer and treatments.

There are a lot of professional medical people who are giving less and less options to people who are sick. Taking the approach that the body can heal itself with the right tools can only help with conventional treatment.

We have experienced the cancer improvements on our horse (Tommy) even when our vet suggested surgery first which would require removal of the eye as a precaution. Also cisplatin chemo has discussed. At this point our vet was amazed that the tumor reduced at all and disbelieving that it had even fallen off. My suggestion to anyone is to never stop trying.



It was a month ago in May 2005 and I had a list of health problems: high blood pressure, diabetes, over weight, high cholesterol, and I was also feeling really tired at times. I drank 4 oz twice a day, once in the morning, then again at night.

Nothing But Noni Juice has given me a great feeling all around. I have more energy and I really do not have a big appetite and I'm drinking a lot more water than I ever did. I really thank Noni for my well being all over.



For those of you that don't know me, I am a very stubborn, skeptical person who would absolutely NEVER recommend something that I didn't first try myself, and second didn't believe in whole-heartedly.

Let me give you a little info on me personally.

I've always been a very active person and extremely strong for a girl. Playing in marching band, color guard in school & continuing to play & coach softball after graduation I've always been on the go. Unfortunately, I'm the type of person to play injured (went to hospital after 1 st inning – came back with frog & played the rest of game); I know – not real bright but if nothing else – dedicated. So you can see it takes a lot to keep me down. I have also been Stage Manager (road crew) for several local bands over the last 16 years. That involves a lot of heavy lifting, carrying, sitting on floors and in general being prepared for absolutely anything & everything to go wrong and being able to immediately ‘fix' it. All told, it's a very physical position that you don't see a lot of women doing for obvious reasons. For a real profession I do a lot of computer work, phone repairs and a good bit of walking as I work at a large manufacturing facility.

My ailments:

I've had osteoarthritis in my toes since I was around 18, Bursitis in my left hip since I turned 21, bursitis in my right hip since age 27, Tendonitis in my right arm/wrist for the last 3 years, crippling arthritis in my fingers on my left hand for the last year and Fibromyalgia for the last 3 years. I also have major problems with my feet due to low arches . I also have severe endometriosis , which causes extreme pain every month and caused me to be put into medically induced menopause for 6 months, which pretty much damaged all my tendons. Not to mention, migraines (I wondered why people quit asking me how I was every day).

I have tried every anti-inflammatory, arthritis drug known to man. The only thing that would take the edge off was 2 Darvoset – which promptly put me to sleep, or 2 Tylenol Arthritis every 4 hours. I can't tell you how many days of work I missed because I couldn't get out of the bed, I literally had to slide down my steps from my bedroom to get to the bathroom & crawl on my hands & knees to get back up the steps. So not only was I not able to do all the extra activities that I loved to do, some days I couldn't even walk. For someone any age that's pretty devastating but I'm not even 40 yet! And no matter what anyone at work says – THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND – they think you're faking it or a "wuss". I figured this was pretty much my lot in life so I just pushed on and dealt with it on a day-to-day basis. The best part is the vicious circle that especially Fibro suffers have to deal with. The only thing that will keep your Fibro under control is to become an exercising fool – if you can't get out of bed – how can you exercise?

THEN A MIRACLE HAPPENED. A woman at my church told my Mom about this juice that had helped her and her neighbor cope with their ailments and took away a good deal of their pain and she was holding a ‘tea-party'. My mother asked me if I was interested, the skeptic I am said sure – I'll give anything a look – but really didn't think it would amount to much. After watching the video & hearing testimonials, I started thinking that there may be something to this. I am a firm believer in nature's healing powers, and after reading the ingredients I was intrigued. I take 4 oz a day (sip it all day at work) and didn't start seeing any real results until the end of the 3 rd month. But it was like I woke up one day & the whole world changed. After driving the 13 miles to work in the morning, I literally bounded out of my car and up the steps – when before my hip was hurting so bad it took me a good 2 minutes to just get out of the vehicle then I would limp all the way to the door and hold on for dear life trying to get up the steps. It lessened all the pain in my entire body – oh sure, I still have some bad days when the barometer decides to go a little weird but I don't even have to take an Advil on those days. I used to get migraines about 1 every other month; I've only had 1. And as far as the Endometriosis goes, I used to take 4 200mg Advil every 4 hours for the first 3 days – now if I take 3 the whole time – it's a lot. Needless to say my family doctor & gynecologist wanted information on the JUICE – they were thrilled – they said what ever I'm doing do not stop – there has been that much of an improvement.

Trust me, you won't find a bigger skeptic than me. I even cut down & even missed days just to test the theory thinking it was all in my head because I wanted it to work so badly – and everything came back slowly, but it came back which proved to me once & for all – this stuff is a miracle. I couldn't keep this quiet – if it helped me with all those ailments – it will surely help you! I am also a lot healthier – I have come down with a few colds this year but they never seemed to go the full gamut – just a couple days with sneezing & stuffiness & they always went away – I used to get everything coming down the pike.

That's my story, feel free to ask me absolutely anything.

Thank you.


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